The founder

Stazio Machristi

Tenerife Resort Invest was founded by Stazio Machristi nearly 30 years ago, with a clear goal in mind: to simplify the process, to always highly respect the customers’ wishes and wants, to understand the scope of financial risks and to take significant and leveraged decisions.

Stazio selects and collaborates only the best professionals in the field: from highly-respected architects to trusted building and construction teams as well as professional sales and marketing teams and creative specialists.

Today, Stazio has significantly built on his foundations of Tenerife Resort Invest, a real estate development agency with a vision of providing luxury homes for prestigious clientele in demand of private and high-end homes.

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The photographer

Ana Iacob Photography

Ana is our real estate professional photographer and a valued member of the team. She has more than 10 years of experience as a photographer, delivering high-quality professional images which always have a noticeable impact on our buyers.

Ana knows how to get the attention of buyers through her photography, always showcasing a home in its best possible light. Our high-end properties demand high-end pictures and that’s exactly what she delivers; generating attention, interest, desire and, ultimately, action!

We’re fortunate to have Ana on-board because her high-class visuals create the best possible impressions and help spark the interest from exactly the type of clientele we are looking for.

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