With over 30 years experience in property management, luxury homes sales and architectural planning and design, Tenerife Resort Invest is actively focused on creating exclusive property ownership opportunities, and also on developing strategic partnerships with mutual success and growth in mind.

Our high-end properties are located on the beautiful island of Tenerife and offer prestigious quality, representing some of the finest luxury living available.

With an abundance of qualities, Tenerife has firmly established itself as a great place to build, invest and holds great potential for property development in general.

It’s a unique destination for all manner of high-quality investments from villas with a pool and panoramic views, to coastal townhouses, penthouse apartments and luxury rural retreats in the mountains or even contemporary city living.

The Founder
The Founder
Tenerife Resort Invest was founded by Stazio Machristi nearly 30 years ago, with a clear goal in mind: to simplify the process, to always highly respect the customers’ wishes and wants, to understand the scope of financial risks and to take significant and leveraged decisions.

Stazio selects and collaborates only the best professionals in the field: from highly-respected architects to trusted building and construction teams as well as professional sales and marketing teams and creative specialists.

Today, Stazio has significantly built on his foundations of Tenerife Resort Invest, a real estate development agency with a vision of providing luxury homes for prestigious clientele in demand of private and high-end homes.

Plan and coordinate the entire process.
Concept stage
Analyze location and planning and assess feasibility.
Negotiating the best possible deal.
Town Planning
Coordinating with the Town Hall all the regulations on building permits.
Obtaining the documentation submitted for the building permit or Construction Licence.
Contracting builders, planning timing and expenses.
Building the property according to client's expectation.
Handing over the keys to the investor on time.

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