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At Tenerife Resort Invest, we pride ourselves on providing a high-class development collaboration that presents premium architectural design and interior design that shows off the art and science of enhancing a high-end home.

We manage a diverse portfolio consisting of luxury villas in the most exclusive area of Tenerife, Canary Islands, and offer a comprehensive tailored guide of all the steps involved from land purchase to completion of the project.

We lead a growing market shift towards the simplicity of a good design, and a refreshing perspective change.

Design and construction
Working closely with a team of architects, interior designers and builders, TRI puts together unique and sustainable planning, with regards to the particular morphology of the island, researching the demand of different property types.
Marketing and Sales
Our marketing and sales team is successfully involved in a wealth of transactions, reaching expectations and maximizing the return on your investment, eliminating legwork and make it easy for our customers.
Consultancy and advice
Simplifying the entire process, every step of the way, we take you from A to Z, our team following closely the entire process: purchase, concepts and planning, licensing and construction, budget, execution and scheduling, finally to completion.

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